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Guide to Best Bars and Restaurants in Edinburgh

by robcarr00032

Guide to Best Bars and Restaurants in Edinburgh

Over the last 5 years of being a tour guide in Edinburgh, I have had the pleasure of playing a large part in the captivating journeys of travellers visiting the city. Normally, the main part I play is leading people through the streets showcasing the rich history, stunning landmarks and enchanting tales. However, right from the start, I realised that the majority of explorers are eager to understand “Where are the best bars and restaurants in the city?”. Therefore I have become more proactive in providing my knowledge about the incredibly vibrant and fast-moving food and bar scene. Of course, every person has a different preference and personal experience (I appreciate budget friendly experiences where I can get more bang for my buck). Nevertheless, I have now visited over 220 venues and thought it would be great to provide you with a list of options adjusting for different tastes. I do advise conducting your own research to confirm the locations on this list are right for you. Then subsequently making a table reservation prior to your visit if required.

I am looking forward to adding to this blog as the list continues to evolve when trying new locations. If you have found this useful then I would love it if you could like, comment or share to friends and family. Or if you have any feedback/recommendations or would like to work with me do contact me here. I would be delighted to personally visit and try it out new spots!


Live Music

  • Stramash (Ceilidh Wednesdays)
  • Whistlebinkies
  • Captains Bar
  • Sandy Bells

International Dining

Local Dining


  • Moonwake
  • Lost In Leith (Campervan Brewery)
  • Bellfield
  • Cold Town House (Rooftop)

Best Scottish Breakfast

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Love these recommendations, thanks a lot for putting together!

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