Scotland Wildlife Tours

Embark on an extraordinary Scotland Wildlife Tour, transcending conventional adventures. Our carefully curated experiences blend the best of Scotland’s bird life, wildlife, historical sites, hiking, and culture. Our small-group or private experiences (up to 8 people), are led by and work with expert guides who transform your exploration into a dynamic blend of fun, interaction, and education.


Your adventures could witness a Sea Eagle‘s majestic flight over the Isle of Skye, observe Ospreys fishing in Loch Lomond, catch glimpses of Eurasian otters in the Water of Leith, and have an up-close encounter with Highland Cows. As well as hiking iconic peaks like Old Man of Storr, Ben A’an, Suilven, or Ben Nevis.


Tailor our tour itineraries to your desires: focus on Scotland birding, include the Hebrides, Orkney, and Shetland, or enhance your experience with stunning drone footage. Check out our exceptional reviews on TripAdvisor to get a glimpse of the memorable journeys we create. Or elevate them with breathtaking drone footage.


Should you be intrigued by a Scotland Wildlife tour from Edinburgh or Glasgow, don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form. You can also send your booking inquiries or questions to [email protected], contact us by phone, or connect with us on Facebook/Instagram. We’re delighted to assist you!

From £800/Person or £1,800/Group
Join us on the ultimate 4-day hiking and wildlife itinerary in the Scottish highlands featuring some of Skye's most beautiful viewpoints, incredible nature and bird life and enchanting folklore.
From £2000/Person
Breath-taking journey through some of Scotland's most incredible landscapes, cute villages and epic castles. Featuring some of Scotland's most incredible hikes in Fort William, the Isle of Skye, Harris & Lewis.
Price: Depending On Itinerary
Embark on a bespoke Scotland wildlife and birding tour, curated for nature enthusiasts. Discover breathtaking landscapes and observe native wildlife in its natural habitat with expert guides. Unforgettable experiences await. Your preference, your way!